This is how I document my UX projects

Documenting helps to understand your decisions when you look back in form future

Ashish Sharma
2 min readNov 28, 2021
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“How to document my UX project?” This question has always bothered me and it still bugs me a lot but let me tell you this. Your way of documenting your project should always be adjusted or should I say be upgrading according to your requirements.

Given said that I shall be sharing some basic ways to get you started with the documentation below. Have a look:-

1. Create a story

Uncommon as it may sound but it’s not. To start a project, you can pick up the actual instance that happened around you when you came to start the project.

Let’s see an example from one of my case studies for an app I was working on:

Image representing a conversation between me and my cousin who is 16 years old. we are talking about how he doesn’t know most of the finance terms.

Every idea has its origin. Here was mine where I thought how can I help teens to know about finance, but in a way that will also help them in daily life.

2. Use Tables

Tables are the best way to compare and list data. You know what I do. I create a list of all participants who were involved in the process of research and testing to keep track.

This image is describing user journey in a tabular format. The table includes data regarding how teenagers save money and for what purposes.

The notion is one of the best tools for that I’d say.
Put stuff with headings like Name, phone number, email, age, recordings, etc.

3. Put Reasons

Curiosity in a human mind is inevitable. Let it flourish, this is not for the others to see but for you to realize how you have reached this far, why you took those decisions.

4. Add Your future expectations about the product

After you are done with the intense work building your product for almost 2 months, I must tell you this is the biggest part that you must consider. I mean no matter how great of a product you develop, it will always require some upgrade.

Image shows how future steps about a product, when it’s design and implementation is complete.



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